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RED THREAD: Intentional Creativity® Guide
Certification Training for 2024 TBD

Join the Sisterhood of over 600 Practitioners across 20 countries worldwide who are creating transformative experiences through a feminine approach, to make a meaningful impact, enhance their earnings and create community using the power of the Red Thread.

This Global Certification Training is ideal for Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Priestesses, Teachers, Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Bodyworkers, Corporate Changemakers, Business Owners and Practitioners of every kind. If you are looking for powerful purpose and meaning in your life, this could be for you!

Learn to Lead Circles, Ritual and Ceremonies In-Person and Online using the Way of The Red Thread based on the work of Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

Red Thread Gathering at Musea Sonoma, 2023

RED THREAD: Intentional Creativity® Guide Certification Training for 2024 is TBD

Join the Sisterhood of over 600 Practitioners across 20 countries worldwide who are creating transformative experiences through a feminine approach, to make a meaningful impact, enhance their earnings and create community using the power of the Red Thread.

This Global Certification Training is ideal for Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Priestesses, Teachers, Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Bodyworkers, Corporate Changemakers, Business Owners and Practitioners of every kind. If you are looking for powerful purpose and meaning in your life, this could be for you!

Learn to Lead Circles, Ritual and Ceremonies In-Person and Online using the Way of The Red Thread based on the work of Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

Red Thread Gathering at Musea Sonoma, 2023


Intentional Creativity® Guide Certification Training

Based on the work of
Shiloh Sophia McCloud
and the legacy of Intentional Creativity


Training is Delivered Fully Online with the option to gather with your cohort and graduates in person in California four times this year!

Founder Shiloh Sophia holding a Red Thread Circle at her Musette Studio

Color of Woman students and graduates from Australia participating in Red Thread Circle

Photo from Red Thread Circle in Paris, France, taken by Guild member Brunhilde Yvrande

"This Training was full of self-reflection, personal healing, and opportunities to weave a meaningful spiritual practice into my creative business. I honestly feel like my life and lifework will be filled with deeper connections and beauty because I grasped hold of the Red Thread." ~ Rachél Payne 2022 Graduate


  • Designing, Curating, & Leading Circles and Rituals of any group size and individual sessions
  • Self-Discovery - a dive into your own sense of connection and belonging.
  • Self-Initiation - experience an honoring threshold crossing, that leads to an empowered place in your life work in the world.
  • Story-telling - Explore your story of where you are and where you are going, while being informed about the kinds of circles you want to lead.
  • Intuitive Drumsong - paint your own frame drum and practice the ancient art of drumming for opening circles, guiding the journey, or closing ceremony.
  • Sacred Circles - Paint an emergent sacred feminine image using Intentional Creativity®. Access the essence of your intention for guiding circles and private sessions.
  • Intuitive Imagination - Work with your imagination and intuition to access insight into serving your beloveds.
  • Intentional Rituals - an approach that leads to conscious relationships with ourselves and others.
  • Intentional Creativity - Learn to work with the creative process in circles and sessions to bring enriching sharing, storytelling, and image-making to your work.
  • Entrepreneurial Vision - Create a Red Thread Vision Plan Book of your business plan for working with others.

Confidently Lead Red Thread Circles as a Certified Intentional Creativity® Guide!

Curate Deeper Connections through Leading Sacred Circles - Apply Today

Hear from MUSEA Co-Founder and Curator Shiloh Sophia
An invitation to join Red Thread Training: Intentional Creativity® Guide Certification

Do you consider yourself a modern-day Healer?

Do others come to you in times of need for solace, guidance, or understanding?

If you feel healed enough to gather others and lead powerful circles of connection, transformation, and healing, this could be for you...

Apply for Red Thread Training

The Red Thread Training is an Intentional Creativity approach to guiding circles that was founded on the teachings from Shiloh Sophia's book and manual, The Way of the Red Thread about curating a culture of connection designed to empower women to become leaders and circle facilitators.

Facilitating Red Thread Circles has the power to achieve many things. Here are a few reasons you might call together a Red Thread Circle for your friends, family, students, clients, or patients. The possibilities are infinite – what is your calling to create?

Are you called to ...

  • Transform stories of trauma into tools for empowerment.
  • Illuminate and reveal the hidden self within.
  • Teach how to look inward for your own information.
  • Gain access to a new way of working with PTSD.
  • Integrate the right and left brain for maximum access to thought.
  • Inspire action through liberating stuck energy.
  • Bring movement into the body and the field of space around the body.
  • Illuminate the gifts of the individual with image and language.
  • Increase self-awareness and intuition.
  • Create connection during times of isolation.

Legends of the Red Thread encircle the globe. Carriers of the Red Thread are modern-day healers ready to bring their circles into form. Perhaps this is you?

Red Thread Gathering at Musea Sonoma. As part of this Training you'll receive a teaching on creating your own drum to use in your Circles!

Join the Global Community of Red Thread Guides - Apply Today!

What is the Red Thread Philosophy?

The Red Thread is a global symbol of protection and connection. Something found in many cultures in rituals, ceremonies, circles, as well as clothing, blankets, flags, weavings, and storytelling. Before the age of the internet, red threads were used in many cultures to represent different teachings, only we didn’t know how widespread it was and is. A quick search on the internet reveals 40,000 results for the red thread.

The red thread is a visual symbol that is used on the country level, as in flags, country insignia, or banners, and on a personal level, mostly in adornment, bracelets, pins, scarves, and jewelry worn by women and men, and recognizable by others. ‘They have a red thread!‘
In one culture the Red Thread is worn to ward off the evil eye, in another culture, it is worn by women to hold space for a child to be born. In one country it represents being connected to those on your path, in another country, it represents receiving a blessing. In most of the legends of the red thread, there is a sense of the sacred in the connections, of destiny and showing up for a divine appointment.

“We bring red thread teachings each year in response to the inquiries: What is most wanted and needed at this time? What can we bring that is most essential to a ‘world stage’ gathering of people who really care about each other and the planet? I feel that when people are serving and leading from their hearts, they not only need to feel connected to each other but to those that they serve, their beloveds, and their reason for doing what they do. We already know we have a piece to hold, but sometimes we can become overwhelmed thinking we alone, have to hold the entire world in our arms. The red thread teaches us we are responsible to hold our part – and to find and encourage others to hold their piece as well. We are here to provide a simple ritual of connection that others can bring back to those that they serve. We are reminded we are not alone and we are all connected.” ~ Shiloh Sophia

What will you learn during this 3-month quest?

  • Lead and call Red Thread Circles in person or online using technologies such as Zoom.
  • Craft a call toward those you wish to gather within Circle and ceremony.
  • Discover a personal practice of altar-building and everyday ritual.
  • Source and create invocation poems and resources for opening a circle.
  • Learn the practice of creating sacred space.
  • Choose to live life as a path of service where both you and those you serve are blessed, healed, and inspired.
  • Work with the directions and elements in Ceremony.
  • Shed connections to old systems and weave new ones by choice.
  • Bring the Intentional Creativity process into your circles with basic materials like paper and pens.
  • Become practiced at turning your ideas into circle themes.
  • Hone your authentic craft, your unique messaging, and your offerings.
  • Work with the basics of energy in groups and how to work with changing dynamics.
  • Use the drum as a powerful tool in your circles and rituals.

Shiloh Sophia leading Ceremony during the Red Thread Training August 2023 Graduation Gathering. You will be invited to attend your graduation in person with your cohort. If you cannot attend, we also offer a Livestream option to include you in the energy of this special day together!

Red Thread Training Modules

I am Already

I am Called
to This Circle

I am Responsible
for My Piece

I am a Witness

The Way of the Red Thread written by Shiloh Sophia, is your guide and includes ideas for different circles, developing your voice, deepening your content and message, and designing your circles. Also covered are who, what, where, when, and what to charge, should you choose to make circles a part of your professional offerings. You will be able to start leading your own circles during this program. There are many tools, templates, and resources to empower you to make that happen, supported by the Intentional Creativity Guild - women who are very experienced in using the Red Thread as a tool.

We asked Red Thread graduates; What would you tell a friend considering the Red Thread Training? Below are some responses.

"The Red Thread Training is a way to enter the spiritual flow of life with ease and structure while digging deep into our ancestral roots and feeling out to our beloveds while being held in sisterhood as you stand and hold your piece of the red thread."
~ Chanel Hacker

"It will be the most amazing journey into the Mystery of Life and you will be surprised by the blessings you received. Expect the unexpected, it is one of the great adventures of your life."
~ Rosamaría Polidura

"I would say it is worth every minute that you spend doing this training. Your life will change. YOU will understand a talis-woman that will show in the physical what we so often forget. IT will draw you closer to who you are and closer to those you want to be around."
~ Rev. Karen Thompson

What is my Investment?

Intentional Creativity® Guide Certification Training is an INVESTMENT in YOU, YOUR PRACTICE, and the FUTURE of THE SACRED GATHERINGS!

The Core Online Training includes everything you need to qualify for certification as an Intentional Creativity Guide. Tuition is $2,997 USD and can be paid in four equal installments without any interest fee. Financing is also available starting at $188 a month.

About Certification: At the end of the Training, you will be invited to submit your assignments through an online format for Certification. There is a one-time $250 Certification Fee due in April 2024 which covers your signed certificate mailed by Shiloh Sophia and your Intentional Creativity Guide graphics for your website and/or business cards, social media networks, etc... as well as your listing on our Intentional Creativity Educator Directory so people can find your services. Learn more.

The Intentional Creativity® Foundation supports women with an education they can translate into real-life work.
Think of this: if you lead a half-day or full-day Red Thread gathering at $100/person with 15 people, you can cover half of your tuition in one day. Hold two circles and you could make back your full investment. Then, imagine how many other offerings and circles you can create as a result of the teachings, growth and relationships you will experience in this training. The possibilities are endless!

Watch this video with Shiloh Sophia as she explains more about the Red Thread Training and the women it is for.

Will you become a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide?

You have your own piece of the red thread to weave into the greater fabric of creation. Here are examples of infinite kinds of circles and experiences that you can lead both online and in-person!

  • Birth Blessings 
  • Healing Circles 
  • Coming of Age Ceremonies 
  • Wedding Circles 
  • Moon Gatherings
  • Birthday Honoring Parties 
  • Corporate Team Building  
  • Daylong Story Workshops 
  • Celebration of Life 
  • Marriage Completions
  • Rites of Passage   
  • Circles with Men & Boys
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Trauma Recovery Circles
  • Intentional Creativity Sessions

Facilitate Revolutionary Conversations + Craft Your Message + Create the Future + Bring the Healing + Catalyze Transformation + Collaborate with amazing like-hearted women on a similar path as YOU!

What is required to take this training?

About the prerequisite:

Each of our Intentional Creativity Certification Trainings requires that students take a 'primer' course that provides the basic foundation for what we teach at MUSEA.

Qualifying Red Thread Training prerequisites are:

  • Legend 2022 and/or 2023
  • Vivid 2022 and/or 2023
  • Apothecary 2021 and/or 2022

This is important so that you have a good understanding of our methodology, teaching style, and delivery format before you commit to taking long-term training with us.

There are many classes that serve as a prerequisite for Red Thread. Let us know in the application whether you have taken a course with us, and we will custom design your prerequisite experience.

Certification Requirements

  • Facilitate red thread circles with peer students and anyone outside of the course.
  • Incorporate Intentional Creativity into your Circle processes
  • Create blessing rituals for individuals, groups, and yourself.
  • Create an abstract Intentional Creativity painting to hold the energy of your journey. (Sacred Circles Painting)
  • Design your own Self Initiation Ceremony - a rite of passage just for you.
  • Create an 8-page Vision Plan Book around calling your circles through an Intentional Creativity process.
  • Craft a call toward those you wish to gather within Circle and Ceremony.
  • Hand Paint your drum and learn basic drum songs to include in your circle.
  • Participate in twice-monthly online circle calls with Q&A and support from Intentional Creativity Guide Graduates.

Graduates are invited to come back and support future years as members of our support team, as well as to serve on our Red Thread Connect monthly calls for our Intentional Creativity community.

We love supporting our graduates to share their sacred work in the world and offer paid and volunteer positions within MUSEA to those who continue in our ongoing community.

We look forward to growing our graduate community year after year.

Where is the training located?

Red Thread Training can be taken from anywhere in the world since the core training is delivered completely online. We think of this as working in the quantum field and practicing 'connection' through the spaces between us. As long as you have a solid internet connection, you can certify to become a Red Thread Guide! Once your application is accepted you will gain access to:

  • A Red Thread Classroom via our exclusive iMUSEA App to connect with peer students and ask questions.
  • Weekly ZOOM teleconferencing calls to check in and practice training exercises.
  • An online classroom dashboard to keep you on track with curriculum assignments, watch Live, and Prerecording instructional material.

Red Thread Intentional Creativity Guide Certifying Students are invited to attend an in-person Graduation ceremony at MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California. Dates will be announced at a later time.

About MUSEA University

Earn University Credits toward a Curate (Cu) Degree

Amazing News! After providing education since 2000 to tens of thousands of women we are transforming our school into a university. This change will enable women to embark on a journey of study with us that leads to a sovereign degree in the field of Intentional Creativity. The degree title is CURATE which is an archetype of the person who cares for the soul of the village.

Choosing to receive Uni-Credits is completely optional.

Requirements to receive Uni-Credits are photographs of your completed coursework and a one-page paper about how you will use the material in your business endeavors demonstrating an understanding of the subjects presented and must be a MUSEA member. Once you submit your course work your work is witnessed, and the unit course will be added to your student profile as you work towards future credits.

The hours per unit is a combination of 10 hours of content from Musea + 4 hours of studio time from you as you work on projects. For Example: 42 hours of Education and Experience equals approximately 3 units.

Students who already completed and submitted course requirements for MUSEA Certification Training courses qualify to receive Uni-Credits. The process to add them will be shared once it is put into place.

What graduates say about Red Thread Training

"The Red Thread Training is as much about your beloveds as it is about yourself. The Musea Team held the container in a loving and sacred way. The teachings give you the tools to find what is your own medicine, sets the container for your circle, as well as a ritual, for creating your story, your own initiation, and will gift you with a sisterhood of women who are going on the same journey of service and love and wanting to share their gifts in the world."

~Johanna Rivera

"I have been a classroom teacher for over 17 years. I can say without hesitation that my Red Thread Guide training was the most powerful, well designed, interactive, resource filled training I have ever done. Not only were all the guides and teachers’ experts deeply grounded and wise, their compassion and their being available during the training was outstanding."

~ Lexanne Leonard

"I felt a deep heart calling to this training even before I had much idea of what it involved. It was such a sweet and yet powerful speaking of how to call and what to call, in an empowered way of reaching out to others and connecting in the sacred container space that was being created. This work gave me the impetus as well as the practical guidelines to call circles of beings, for me that will be mostly women, to create a kind of connection that I believe is healing for not only we as individuals, but the whole of humanity, one being at a time. Shiloh, Mary and Jonathan were teachers of great depth and heart. I loved you all."

~ Feather Redfox

You are invited to continue to explore the rest of the site for more details about Red Thread Training, Intentional Creativity, Course Educators & more!

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MUSEA Gathering 2022

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