Our world is in need of women brave enough to call their own sacred circles into being. 

Annual Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering 2018

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Watch this video with graduates speaking from the heart about their Red Thread Training experience.

Shares from Red Thread Training Graduates

“Red Thread Training will expand your mind and your heart to awareness beyond what you can imagine. I have learned to express myself through Intentional Creativity and to connect to others to help them do the same.”

~ Kathleen A Szeszol 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate, Aurora, Illinois USA.

Sacred Circle Painting: "Cocoon of Love: Uniting the Generations"

“I absolutely love Red Thread Training and will look forward to taking more courses and even would consider redoing many of these aspects of the certification courses because each one in itself it’s good to come back and redo at different stages of one’s life. Thank you so much!”

~ Y’eem Bilist, Moving Star (Rose Patterson) 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate, Victoria, BC Canada

Matriarchal Roote Painting: unnamed

“The most valued aspect for me well the simple red thread which conveys so much meaning, so much wisdom. She holds deep within her fiber my lineage, my connections, and my story.”

~ Finvola McAuley 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate, N. Ireland  Portglenone 

Matriarchal Roots Painting: Sacred Chalice

RTT Kelly House Sacred Circle 2022

"I feel RTT is the core of International Creativity.  It is the starting place of all teachings and sessions. The matriarchal heart and roots of what we do here in International Creativity.  I feel a deeper connection, understanding, and awareness of how far and deep these red roots run.  Near and far we are all connected.  🙌🥰♥️🧶"

~ Kelly House 2022 Red Thread Graduate Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada

Sacred Circle Painting: unnamed

“I feel more connected to myself and others and I have more confidence and ability to stand in what I know as I choose my story. Something I found valuable (and unexpected) was that the course was online.  It was valuable to me because I would not have been able to make the trip in person and I needed to take care of the family during the course and would have lost training if I would have been in person.  The unexpected part was that I got to feel so connected to the other students in the iMUSEA app and during circles.  The support staff and many others were so encouraging on the app.  I did not expect to be able to connect so deeply in a virtual environment.”
~ Leann Sasamoto 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate, Providence Forge, Virginia, USA 

Matriarchal Roots Painting: Unnamed

RTT 2022 Matriarchal Roots by Lisa Rose

~ Lisa Rose 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate. Alkimos, Western Australia

Matriarchal Root Painting

“I honestly loved it all. I enjoyed the writing components as well as the art projects. The Call to the Beloveds sparked a new class offering for me and the frustration I felt using low-quality paints for the Circles painting taught me so much. I felt completely empowered and liberated after completing that painting - it turned out to have so much soul and I really loved it.  I also loved doing the Self Initiation ceremony…I found it especially meaningful.”

~ Gail Faith Edwards 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate. Athens, Maine

Sacred Circles Painting: "Under the Loving and Protective Gaze of Madonna della Neve". This was painted in my ancestral village in the Cilento National Park, SA, Italy.

RTT Rachél Payne Sacred Painting

"The training to become an Intentional Creativity Red Thread Guide felt very deep for me.  It was full of self-reflection, personal healing, and opportunities to weave a meaningful spiritual practice into my creative business. I honestly feel like my life and lifework will be filled with deeper connections and beauty because I grasped hold of the Red Thread."

~ Rachél Payne 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Sacred Circle Painting: "My Beloveds and Myself"

“I was blown over by the simple depth of this work. Blown over in a positive way that is.”

~ Finvola McAuley 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate, N. Ireland  Portglenone 

Sacred Circles Painting: "Awakening Cosmic Love"

“I would tell others considering Red Thread Training that they would be giving themselves the most precious of gifts of THEMSELVES and that they would never have to feel alone and unsupported. That they will not be the same person who started the training and it requires real effort and commitment and it's all 100% worth it!”

~ Stardust Unicorn Ashley Merritt, 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate. Portlandia, Oregon

Sacred Circles Painting: "Rooted in the Sky"

Red Thread Training Sacred Circle Painting 2023

“What a blessing this training is. It has shown me that I can feel safe in connection with others, that there are so many loving, beautiful people in this world, that we have the tools to heal, we are enough, we don't have to keep living from the stories of our past, we can witness, acknowledge and reframe and rewrite and be excited about our future and we can make a difference in this world by creating sacred space like this for other women, what a joy the Red Thread Training is, I feel so very grateful and so very blessed to have completed it and now be able to offer it, why wouldn't you explore this?”

~ Lisa Rose 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate. Alkimos, Western Australia

Sacred Circle Painting: Called to Circle

Students Sacred Space/Altars, Drums & Vision Plan Books

RTT Rachél Payne Drum

Rachél Payne Drum: "Red Blanket Dancing Woman"

Leann Sasamoto - 2022 Sacred Space/Altar: unnamed

Stardust Unicorn Ashley Merritt - 2022 Drum: "Sanctuary"

RTT Rachél Payne Altar Book

Rachél Payne 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Sacred Calling Altar Book

RTT Kelly House Vision Plan Book 2022

Kelly House 2022 Vision Plan Book

Lisa Rose - 2022 Red Thread Blessings Altar

“The Red Thread Training provided a safe container to stretch and learn more about myself and the Circle process. I experienced growth, meaning, and joy throughout the course. The course is full of love and compassion and has taken me to a new level as a Circle leader and connection to the wisdom of the women I serve.”

~ Chris Maupin 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate, Bakersfield California, USA

Sacred Space: "New Moon Circle Altar"

"As a COW & Motherboard grad, and an active coach, I have LOTS of experience with doing and leading the Vision Plan process. One of the things I love most is that even though I know how the magic trick works... the magic trick still works! This time, lots of pieces of my longed-for future bumped into each other and made whole new pictures. They're not neat pictures yet... but they opened whole new possibilities for me!"

~ Sue Boardman 2022 Red Thread Training Graduate, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Stardust Unicorn Ashley Merritt - 2022 Sacred Space/Altar

Rachél Payne Vision Plan Book

Rachél Payne- 2022 Vision Plan Book

Susan Bessy - 2022 Red Thread Drum

RTT Kelly House Sacred Altar 2022

Kelly House 2022 Sacred Altar

Student Testimonials

Aside from the amazing instructional videos, the peer connections were the most valuable aspect for me. I enjoyed the group calls, and especially loved the peer circle where we practiced leading red thread circle. Without that practice and support, I'm not sure I would have actually followed through and held the other two required circles.

~ Danya Davis West

The Red Thread Training is a way to enter the spiritual flow of life with ease and structure while digging deep into our ancestral roots and feeling out to our beloveds while being held in a sisterhood as you stand and hold your piece of the red thread.

~ Chanel Hacker

This is a life changing experience. You must be open to being broken. It is rigorous, thorough. I often felt that I was living between two worlds-I was in an altered state and could not quite fit in to the "normal" world and what was being asked of me.

~ Susan Reed

Trust the intentional creativity process - the guidance is always there. The brush or marker knows the way. My declaration to embrace & include all of my gifts & tools - feng shui, clairvoyance, intentional creativity, and red thread circles.

~ Nancy Dadami

My biggest accomplishment was staying true to myself and honoring my boundaries as I did the work. I learned so much about myself and my path moving forward and I am so excited to implement intentional creativity into my life!

~ Tanya Meyer

I've really never even understood why people had rituals. I never participated in them...or never really connected if I did. Now I am ALL IN... I see how it gives a sense of safety and belonging and brings in the MAGIC! Your life will change. YOU will understand a talis-woman that will show in the physical what we so often forget. IT will draw you closer to who you are and closer to those you want to be around.

~ Reverend Karen Thompson

This is a well rounded training whose exercises really help you connect with your calling, your piece and your gifts. It is inclusive and welcoming. It is embracing the sacred in and out of circle. It is a wonderful foundation. I can witness and acknowledge the growth in me and my sisters from my peer group. I truly feel blessed to have been able to participate in this training.

~ Luna Starseed

I think the most valuable aspect is actually calling circles and seeing the profound shift it brings to those who come and are witnessed.

~Ally Markotich

I would tell a friend that Red Thread Training is an investment first and foremost in yourself. Red Thread Training will take you outside your comfort zone, and will empower you to become more fully who you are, which will aid in the empowerment of others.

~ Rev. Kristin Aardema Faigh

The Red Thread Training has opened my heart to my true connection to humanity. I now know my calling is to create circles in any which way possible. The Red Thread has given me that affirmation. I now trust my calling.

~ Susan Duncan

The experience of coming into Circle, albeit virtually is a powerful experience and helps us to understand at a heart level that our tribe is global even though we act locally.

~ Clarity Henderson

I felt a deep heart calling to this training even before I had much of an idea of what it involved. It was such a sweet and yet powerful speaking of how to call and what to call, in an empowered way of reaching out to others and connecting in the sacred container space that was being created. This work gave me the impetus as well as the practical guidelines to call circles of beings, for me that will be mostly women, to create a kind of connection that I believe is healing for not only us as individuals but the whole of humanity, one being at a time.

~ Feather Redfox

The training is worth it in every sense; it gave a new value to my life, self-worth that I did not understand until I knew I belonged. I learned so much more than just how to lead a circle of ladies. I learned how to create my own boundaries, while expanding my circles! I found my tribe. I believe this training saved my life and renewed my Creative Mission💞 Forever Grateful!

~ Robin Dyer

Answering the Call to become involved in the Red Thread Training was just what was needed at this time. Spirit nudged and luckily I listened. The teachings and inquiries led me to a place of action and validation. I have looked at myself and I Am Woman, here me now. Loved every searching piece of my Red Thread

~ Dee Davidson

I have been a classroom teacher for over 17 years. I can say without hesitation that my Red Thread training was the most powerful, well-designed, interactive, resource-filled training I have ever done. Not only were all the guides and teachers experts deeply grounded and wise, but their compassion and availability during the course were also outstanding. 

~ Lexanne Leonard

I enjoyed the immersion and focus... which in reality was a lovely, guided journey. In the privacy of my home, and then through actual shared practice, I gained wonderful insight and courage to share new skills. I am very grateful to have answered the call and found my way into the circle of the Red Thread. It is wonderful to know that new breath is continuing the tradition of weaving women, stories, and teachings in a celebration that offers depth and grace. You glow as you share! 

~Monika Reis

The Red Thread training is as much about your beloveds as it is about yourself. The Musea Team holds the container in a loving and sacred way. The Red Thread Training program gives you the tools to find what is your own medicine, set the container of your circle as well as ritual, create your story, and your own initiation, and will gift you with a sisterhood of women who are going on the same journey, of service and love and desire to share their gifts into the world.   

~Johanna Rivera

Black Madonna Gathering at Musea Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California

Sacred Spaces

Every artist needs a sacred space. An area claimed for their creative work - a place where your materials stand at the ready for sudden inspirations as well as daily painting. A sacred space is what you make of it. Whether large or small corner it is a space that you claim as your own surrounded by what inspires you; music, photographs, sketches, and books - whatever stirs your soul. Here is Dr. Cheryl Boudreaux's Sacred Space with her Red Thread Intentional Creativity work.

“Red Thread Training is a beautiful and life-changing experience. It will help you to heal yourself as you learn more about your calling and step across a threshold with more tools in your healing basket. The most valuable aspect for me was the development and understanding of my calling.”

~ Dr. Cheryl Boudreaux 2022 Red Thread Graduate, Grand Rapids Michigan. Painted Drum

Dr. Cheryl Boundreaux 2022

Painting (left): "Crossing the threshold"

Painting (Right): Sacred Circles painting

This course was a life-changing experience for me because I discovered my purpose. 

~ Patti Livingston

As a sacred embroiderer, I very consciously lead my thread in connection with Soul and Spirit. It naturally brought me to the Red Thread Circle where I felt immediately part of fellow wise sisters who speak the same language. It is magic how such a simple metaphor and device like the red thread can form a space for witnessing each other, simply being and present to what is now. And with intention and the safe environment of a circle beautiful intentions get planted and manifest. Magic in action and exactly up my streak as a sacred embroidered. 

~ Erika Maizi

Even if you do not want to certify as a guide, this training gives you an amazing collection of tools to weave into your life, keep in your medicine basket and utilize on your chosen path.  

~ Linda Allen

The Red Thread Training is just what I needed to step into and own my place leading Circle. I've been sitting in circles and supporting leadership for many years now and I finally have the confidence and tools I need to share my unique voice. Thank you Shiloh and Team for all the love and support. This has truly been a remarkable experience.

~Julie Ridenour

Red Thread Circle at Musea Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California

To be led through this process by such wonderful women has been uplifting. They truly talk the talk and walk the walk. I have been informed and inspired by the Red Thread process and feel confident I can now look forward to sharing it here in my community. Through the virtual realm, I have enjoyed months of deep, heartwarming contemplation and reflection, led by the Musea Team and supported by my fellow classmates. Being in Australia, I have felt the distance, but I have appreciated the immediacy of the group contact as supportive and personal. 

~ Liz Ferguson

Even if I did not really know why, when I enrolled, this program fitted perfectly into my toolbox/medicine basket and I connected to so many different wonderful souls... feeling blessed and showered with gifts! I connected to a bigger part of my tribe, and that makes me stronger, and more resilient. So grateful! 

~ Johanna Ringe

I found myself searching for a spiritually inclusive, wise, and creative community willing to accompany me on my journey of becoming. The Red Thread Training has been the answer to my prayers, assuring me that I am a Spiritual Guide destined to AWAKEN JOY and that each of us is connected to all that is, was, and will be on our red thread. 

~ Lisa Cohen

Create the Connections. Cast the Circles. Call your Beloveds into Sacred Space. Discover a new direction with You guiding the way...

2017 Color of Woman Muse Gathering
led by Shiloh Sophia with Stella Mac

Shares from Intentional Creativity Teachers who lead Red Thread Circles as part of their offerings

Six Generations Red Thread Circle with Hobby Parent

After a Red Thread session with my Mom (91) daughter, granddaughter, cousin, and niece, my cousin said "This goes down in the books as one of my favorite memories in life." What a special time! Thank you so much for this magical experience. I love you!
~ Hobby Parent

I NEVER led a workshop without doing Red Thread. I have shared it everywhere I go...the most powerful part always being before we cut ourselves free to hold only our part. It's all about setting - and holding - the container.
~ Tina Greene.

I open every event I lead with The Red Thread Ceremony. It acts as an icebreaker, a heart-to-heart connector, a conversation maker, a moment of transformation as an individual and as the collective, and is always remembered. My clientele comes back wanting more and bringing friends. Such a simple, powerful and profound gift for any group of people.
~ Kerry Lee

I've participated in circles for decades, and find the Red Thread ceremony offers a wonderful way for people to hone in on what they have to share and hold space for others. I open my classes and workshops with it, and love the magical moment when I hold up the ball and say "you're not responsible for the whole ball!" I would love to be involved in the training in some capacity!
~ Nadya King

I always do a Red Thread ceremony when I teach! Many women say that is the most powerful aspect of the workshop--sharing intimate information in a sacred space and holding the container for that trust to be shared opens up the channels of creativity, connection, and community!!
~ Janet Lavendoski Holmes

What a beautiful offering Shiloh Sophia, yes, always use the red thread in the opening, intended as welcoming all scattered parts of self to land safely and connect to the wholeness of being, extended outwardly into the community. Always refer IC to my tribe as it has changed my life significantly and l experienced firsthand how a practice within a creative community holds so much more potential.
~ Marihet Hammann

I also begin my workshops with a red thread circle and have led very powerful red thread circles with my family and friends.
~ Gina Fong Seidler

This morning my husband told me he sees me light up whenever I lead a Red Thread Circle and that I seem to be at my very best when doing so. The entry into my operations here at Gefion Art & Guest&House go through my Red Thread Cafés, which is a great way of introducing people to The Way of the Red Thread and the work with Intentional Creativity even the most skeptical of people seems to fancy the thread, and no matter how many circles they have been in, they are amazed when I tell them - we are connected "now you can see it".
~ Jessica Enevlold