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The application process is designed to help us learn more about you and your intentions with becoming a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide. We recommend taking your time so you can thoroughly answer the questions which will help you gain even further clarity about your desires and vision for serving others. May we suggest getting cozy with a cuppa tea as you honor your desire to join us for this three-month journey?

*Due to privacy concerns, you cannot save your changes and come back later. We also recommend typing your answers into a document so you have them should your application not save (which does happen now and then).

Upon review of your application, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance within 3 business days with instructions to move forward and reserve your spot in the training. It's important to enroll right away so you can begin preparing for the experience + order your materials for the training.

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The Red Thread Training is as much about your beloveds as it is about yourself. The Musea Team held the container in a loving and sacred way. The teachings give you the tools to find what is your own medicine, set the container for your circle, as well as ritual, creating your story, your own initiation, and will gift you with a sisterhood of women who are going on the same journey of service and love and wanting to share their gifts in the world."

~Johanna Rivera

The Red Thread Runs Through Us by Artist and Intentional Creativity Teacher, Phyllis Taylor

Tuition Overview

The Core Online Training includes everything you need to qualify for Certification as an Intentional Creativity Guide. Tuition is $2,497 USD and can be paid in four equal installments without any interest fee.

Click here for a review of what the training includes.

If you know you want to join us, we will do our very best to work with you! We offer generous payment plans starting at $225/month for 12 months. Upon acceptance, you will be able to review pricing options and choose the tuition package that works best for you. For payment plans longer than 4 months, we have a simple interest rate to offset the cost of administering your payment plan.

About Certification: At the end of the Training, you will be invited to submit your assignments through an online format for Certification. There is a one-time $250 Certification Fee due in August 2021 which covers your signed certificate mailed by Shiloh Sophia and your Intentional Creativity Guide graphics for your website and/or business cards, social media networks, etc... as well as your listing on our Intentional Creativity Educator Directory so people can find your services. 

About scholarships: We have a fully dedicated staff, as well as graduates who come back to teach and are supported by our budget each year. If you need a partial scholarship you are welcome to apply and share your need at the end of the application. Our team will review your request once the core spots for the training have been filled. Our preference is that you propose a longer-term payment plan and we will happily consider your needs.

We would love to receive your application for the Red Thread Training!

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Message from Shiloh Sophia about the Investment:

This training is worth the financial investment as over 25 years of practice and research is being condensed for you and delivered by experienced women leaders.

Maybe you are saying, I don't need another training, or why should it cost so much to learn about leading circle? To which, I would respond by saying - women have not been charging for their sacred services for generations. And it is time. We often work in the invisible and then don't have what we need to continue supporting ourselves. Part of our work with the Intentional Creativity® Foundation is to support women with an education they can translate into real-life work.    

Think of this: if you lead a half-day or full-day Red Thread gathering at $100/person with 15 people, you can cover over half of your tuition in one day. Hold two circles and you will make back your full investment. Imagine, not only from the perspective of what it will cost you but rather how you can use it to refine and develop the value of your own offerings.

The profit from this training goes directly to our team of women teachers and staff who have chosen to dedicate months of their lives to bring this curriculum into form.

The value is here, the only question is Are You Called to lead using the symbol of the Red Thread and the tools of Intentional Creativity to curate experiences of transformation?

We have payment plans available which are quite reasonable. If none of them work, reach out to our team and we will do our best to work with you.   

If after Red Thread Training completes, you feel you did not receive value and can provide documentation that you gave the training a fair chance, we will refund your investment in full.   

You will know if it is right for you, and if so - come on over and join us!

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The tool of the Red Thread Circle has changed my life. As I sit in Circle with women (men & children) and witness them as they are, as they come, with their perspective, I see common threads over and over. The separation dissolves (I'm “in”, you're “out”), humanity is revealed and our piece is spoken. What endures is a celebration for one another!

I've sat in other circles in my life. Circles where talking sticks are passed, stones are passed, balls are thrown. All of these circles are good. However, the kinesthetic piece of the red thread has my heart. The legends about the thread, the passing from person to person, the winding around the wrist, the full circle connection as I sit with people who may not be my usual “tribe”, the voice that proclaims a powerful declaration and the final tying of another's thread is potent for me.

I envision a Red Thread Community where, one day, when I head to my local grocery store, I see a stranger and we both have Red Threads and we can instantly claim our connection with a broad smile! ~Ally Markotich

Sisters of the Thread by Ally Markotich ©2019