Meet the Red Thread Training
Instructors and Support Team

The Red Thread Training is based on the work and research of Shiloh Sophia over a 25-year period of exploring and leading women’s circles. She will lead primary video modules with special guest appearances from Intentional Creativity Teachers who will be providing teachings and templates you can use to create your own offerings.

Online leadership is provided by our Guild team - Jenafer Owen is the Director of Curriculum, supported by Intentional Creativity® Teacher and Guide, Amber Gould, and other Musea Guild members that you will learn about on this page.

Shiloh Sophia

Musea Curator and Founder of the Red Thread Training

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with thousands around the world through her paintings, poetry, and teachings. She leads a global movement of revolutionary education focused in Intentional Creativity®, as offered in the Color of Woman Teacher Training. She co-founded a Studio and Center for Intentional Creativity®, MUSEA, in Sonoma, California, with her husband Jonathan. Most mornings, she can be found having tea with her Muse, pouring over quantum physics, philosophy, and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe.

Dr. Mary McCrystal

Featured Guest Teacher for the Red Thread Training and Intentional Creativity® Teacher

Dr. Mary McCrystal is a Jungian psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in psychological and spiritual wellbeing in her private practice in Northern California. She is an NASW clinical supervisor specializing in trauma treatment. She has over 20 years of experience in body-mind healing with non-Western healing traditions and as a licensed massage therapist and instructor.

Mary is a published author of Maidens in the Red Tent and Revisioning the Feminine Through Intentional Creative Process. She is a certified Intentional Creativity® teacher and coach. Mary holds sacred space and guides people into transformational experiences through integrating psychotherapy, the healing arts, and the Intentional Creativity® Method.

A Few Words from Dr. Mary McCrystal

I am so thrilled to be a part of Red Thread Training. The time has come to carry on the teachings of the Red Thread when others need it most, with divine timing. Thank you Shiloh Sophia for gathering the people, and speaking and giving form to what is needed. I already have clinical therapists that want to sign up. They are ready. Here is some of what I say to people if they have not experienced a Red Thread Circle:

"Red Thread circles are a way for people of many different origins and paths to come together in an intentional space, to witness and be witnessed, to be present to the moment, and attend their own piece of the thread.

Within the Red Thread Circle, people feel grounded and inspired, they feel connected to self, other, and purpose. People often reflect never having had an experience that has ever compared. Red Thread circles are a clear field of connectivity. They bypass spiritual belief systems and religion which gives people an opportunity to experience connection in a new way. Because of this, I have been able to lead circles in many different settings and systems, professional, clinical and personal, crossing boundaries of hierarchy and identity, to leave people with the profound and fundamental experience of connection and sovereignty."

Mary leading Red Thread Ceremony during the
2019 Red Thread Gathering at MUSEA Sonoma, California.

Jenafer Owen

Director of Curriculum for the Red Thread Training and all Musea Training/Courses, as well as an Intentional Creativity® Teacher

Brimming with the quirky enthusiasm that prompted her nom de plume, it is impossible to spend time with Jenafer Joy and not fall in love with yourself, with the whispering of your muse, and with Jena’s heartfelt and contagious love of the creative life. Jena has been leading healing & creative arts courses since 2003 and most particularly enjoys tromping about at the intersection of intuition and art. Jena’s specialty is inspired inquiry for introverts – quick playful gentle nudges accompanied by good music to carry you towards your own deep important answers.

In addition to running her own courses, Jena is a long-time member and teacher in the Cosmic Cowgirls community and an enthusiastic member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity®. You’ll find her behind the scenes and narrating many Cosmic Cowgirl courses including the Color of Woman Teacher Training.

Amber Gould

Community Support for the Red Thread Training, as well as a Red Thread Graduate and Intentional Creativity® Teacher.

Amber is a dynamic creative and mystic who practices 'the art of paying attention in order to see the beauty, truth, and insight in the details. She is a certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher and Guide, as well as an experienced group facilitator, workshop host, poet, and musician.

Genuine and present with a dedication to nurturing connections, Amber is a believer, beyond all reason, in the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible -and that we all have a role to play in creating that world, one conscious, graceful, gritty and beautiful act at a time.

“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.”

~ Ancient Proverb ~

What kind of support will you receive during this training?

Red Thread Training students are supported by the Intentional Creativity® Guild, comprised of women who are very experienced in leading Red Thread Circles, as part of their mentorship and apprenticeship in curating experiences for connection, transformation and healing. We provide support to students in the following ways:

  • Dedicated Red Thread Training Support Staff inside the iMusea App and present on Community Calls
  • Weekly email focusing and tracking ongoing assignments with Curriculum Director, Jenafer Owen
  • Twice monthly Zoom Circles with the Intentional Creativity Guild and Red Thread Training Graduates
  • Monthly Artist Zoom Circle for Musea Members led by Intentional Creativity Coaches Marnie Dangerfield and Chatelle Jeram
  • Monthly Black, Indigenous and Women of Color Zoom Circles for self-identified BIWOC Musea Members led by Intentional Creativity Teachers Semerit Strachan and Lauren Adorno-Weatherford.

Intentional Creativity Coach and Musea Member Coordinator, Chatelle Jeram

Intentional Creativity Coach and Musea Member Coordinator, Marnie Dangerfield

Intentional Creativity® Teacher and BIWOC Leadership, Elder Lauren Adorno-Weatherford

Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Coach and BIWOC Leadership, Elder Semerit Strachan

Community Connection & Support via the iMusea App

Intentional Creativity® Teacher and Guide, Ally Markotich

Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates

Intentional Creativity® Teacher and Guide, Moana Whatu

You are invited to share your process as you go along in our private Red Thread Training Classroom, housed in the iMusea app (accessible via mobile and desktop devices - access details provided upon application approval).

There will be 3-months of dedicated support from Intentional Creativity® Teachers for guidance and witnessing.

You are encouraged to ask questions, post photos of your work, and share your thoughts about what you're learning as you go along. Connecting with others classmates makes the experience even that much richer.

Guest Teachers

Poet, Musician, and Sustainability Ecology Advocate

Lavender Grace Cinnamon: Musician and Artist

Lavender Grace, a friend of Shiloh’s since childhood, offers her skills of intuitive drum song – ongoing tradition. 

She facilitates a practice delving into Circle, grounding, stretching, tone, chant, song, and frame drum. These ancient tools have been used for millennia as a portal to transcend our current state, dispel disease, and bring harmony and peace to our hearts and our community.

Dr. Havi Mandell: Intentional Creativity® Teacher

As an artist, I seek out the sparks that awaken my soul, expressing an essence that is the interweaving of my inner world dancing with the outer world.

I have been teaching Intentional Creativity® online to hundreds of wonderful women over the past seven years and each experience has been truly magical. My art has been exhibited in a number of juried shows in Las Vegas and was part of two presentations at the United Nations. I have created a physical gallery and studio of the soul, Growthspring Healing & Creative Arts, in the Arts District of Las Vegas; a space for art, healing, therapy, retreats, coaching, and joy.

Kerry Lee: Intentional Creativity® Teacher

Kerry Lee uses her gifts as an intuitive artist and award-winning business professional to create Custom Celebrations, Weddings, and Life Ceremonies, Intentional Creativity® Workshops, Mobile Painting Parties with Purpose, and Corporate Teambuilding Events, where introspection ignites innovation.

As a transformational catalyst, she guides her clientele through a process of self-discovery, connection, and metamorphosis. She teaches how intention can enhance intuition, wisdom, communication, community, and joy.