This page includes a list of frequently asked questions about Red Thread Training and more.

Many Voices. Many Hands. Many Lands.

MUSEA - Center for Intentional Creativity® is home to an inter-generational and multicultural collective of emerging and experienced creatives, healers, and leaders. The MUSEA community is a global art movement dedicated to self-expression as a method for consciousness and compassion through the arts. The Intentional Creativity Arts Guild of MUSEA-Certified educators and curators offers engaging arts programming across the world co-curating art exhibits and classes.

Our physical campus has been in Northern California since 2000. We offer virtual education across the globe.
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Diversity - Equality - Inclusion

2019 Color of Woman Graduation Ceremony in Santa Cruz, California

2021 Kinship with Creation Museum Opening at MUSEA, Sonoma, California

Red Thread Circle in Paris, France with Intentional Creativity Teacher Brunhilde Yvrande

Annual trip to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 2016

At Musea we are passionate about women in the arts having their stories and art shared. We believe that women's voices and images are what is needed to create equality and justice in the systems for humanity. In all areas of Civil Rights women and people of color are the least represented voices at the table. Those who do speak up often do so at their own expense, finding themselves threatened, denounced, and often at the impact of violence.

While no one can guarantee a truly safe space, at Musea we hope to be a space of invitation for a diversity of women's voices. Our Vision is seen through the chosen framework of our community of creatives who are at cause for intentionally creating a future with access to justice, freedom, and self-expression. At the heart of our community of Creatives, is an invitation to belonging. This belonging extends to all women of color from all traditions and cultures who feel called to Intentional Creativity® as a path of access to self-expression. WOMEN artists and their stories and creations are our primary focus. Learn more.


What is Intentional Creativity®?

Intentional Creativity® is simply working with mindfulness wherever we set our hands: whether it is creating a soup, a garden, a business plan, or a painting. We are more present because we choose to be and the results are different when we bring intention to these acts in a sacred and more meaningful way.

Intentional Creativity® is an approach to creating that yields greater access to who we are now and who we are becoming, and what is possible for us and our unfolding future.

Shiloh Sophia has taken the Intentional Creativity approach and developed three Intentional Creativity Methodologies which she offers to others in the form of certification training. They are:

Red Thread Training:
Intentional Creativity Guide: Students are trained to lead circles with red thread talisman that support connection and fearless belonging as well as individual and group transformation experiences. Utilize simple Intentional Creativity processes with paper, pen, markers, or watercolor paper and paint in circle experiences to catalyze creative insight and deeper access to the soul’s voice. 3-month training. Pre-requisite course: Apothecary Medicine Painting.

Motherboard Training: Intentional Creativity Coach: Students are trained in visual literacy and the practice of metacognitive consciousness, to guide coaching clients and groups through Intentional Creativity processes using image, word, color, and inquiry to arrive at new information, refine pathways, adjust projections, insights, and inputs. This supports clients to become accountable for their results, awakening insight, intuition, and inspiration - accessing their source code. 6-month training. Pre-requisite course: Dance of the Critic and the Muse.

Color of Woman Training: Intentional Creativity Teacher: Rooted in the exploration of alchemical archetypes and empowered in their soul work, students learn to lead their circles, workshops, and retreats in powerful Intentional Creativity processes designed to support people in accessing their intuition, observing their inner narrative (critic vs muse), and alchemizing old wounds and stories into newfound vitality and wholeness. Students are trained in the proprietary Intentional Creativity 13-step painting process. 9-month training. Pre-requisite course: Legend Cosmic Cowgirls Course.

How much does Red Thread Training cost?

For a full overview of tuition and costs associated with the training, visit the Application & Tuition page here.  

What materials will I need?

  • Medicine Basket
  • Drum – 2.5x14
  • Canvas 30×40 min. (larger if you want)
  • Watercolor Paper size 22×30 140lb.
  • Acrylic Paints - colors + black and white
  • Sharpies Dual Tip - 4 or 5 colors is best.
  • Spiral-bound 9x12 Mixed Media Journal
  • A few balls of Red Thread
  • Scissors or ceremonial knife/blade
  • Special shawl or scarf with RED
  • Bowl for Water
  • Yummy candle for the journey
  • Tea & Chocolate for your Muse
  • Moon Calendar for 2021

What is the time commitment?

Two hours per week firm. Up to four hours a week suggested (or more if inspired). You will receive an email once per week with an overview of where we are in the training. You will then be able to complete the assignments at your own pace. We suggest booking a certain day per week in your calendar as committed time towards your Red Thread Training studies.

Do I need to already be a Leader?

Great question! You do not need to consider yourself a 'leader' to join this training. What's most important is that you feel called to share your gifts in service of guiding others and that you are called to study the Red Thread and Intentional Creativity as tools for transformation.

Women take this training for different reasons. Some are called to guide large circles and can envision guiding hundreds. Others are doing this to serve their family or local community and may choose to do smaller group or 1:1 circles.

If you are unsure about what circles to call or what your unique gifts are, this training will help bring you greater clarity and confidence.

What is Red Thread Circle?

At the most basic, it is simply a red thread used in an intentional connection. A Red Thread is a symbolic and literal tool for transformation. With an eye toward quantum ways of connecting across the globe, it is working with in-person and virtual circles in a sacred manner.

A Red Thread can be an insight into understanding your sacred responsibility. Leading experiences with a Red Thread include circles, conversations, Intentional Creativity®, and ceremonies to create a powerful feeling of connection for you and your guests. To be at-cause for creating this kind of experience for someone is something many of us long for. 

How do I know if this training is for me?

Red Thread Training is for you if you express or have thoughts like the following:

  • How can I be of service to others?
  • How do I bring my sacred work online and make still make it sacred?
  • I see myself as a leader during these challenging times.
  • I want to bring people together for healing and/or connection.
  • I have an existing community/group meeting that doesn't feel as connected as I'd like.

In the Intentional Creativity® community, we empower you to be healed enough so that you can call others into Circle. You don't need to have all your stuff in a pile or even know exactly what you want to do. You just need to feel called. Circles of all kinds, especially virtual, are needed at this time and always will be.

What is required for Intentional Creativity Guide Certification?

During the training, you will be provided with a clear overview of required assignments by week so you know what is expected for certification all along the way.

Instructions to document your assignments will be provided. Each student is asked to prepare a Red Thread Training book via PDF format that will serve as both documentation and celebration of your journey and is your final submission to receive your Certification.

Am I required to complete the requirements within the 3-month time frame?

Yes. Certification requirements will be due during the last month of the training. The expectation is that you stay on pace throughout the training and compile your documentation in your Red Thread Training book as you go along. That said, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur. We will offer an extension window for those who need one, which can involve an additional fee or potential need to retake the training.

Is this spiritual?

Women from all spiritual traditions are welcome. Maestra Shiloh Sophia walks with Christ and the Blessed Mother, and the Magdalena. While this is not taught except in specific modules within the program that are optional, the frequency is held in this way as a part of her ministry and soul work. 

What is the iMusea App Classroom?

This is a free App for your phone that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. You can also login on your computer browser. It's our version of social media in a more intimate community space serving as your personal gateway to everything Intentional Creativity®.

The iMusea App is intended for Musea Members only. Membership is required for Red Thread Training students and starts at $10/month with partial scholarships available.

In the general app feed, you will read updates about the latest Musea Member activities, receive weekly Intentional Creativity journal inquiries and connect with fellow students and members from all over the world.

In addition, each training has a 'classroom' inside the App where students can share their work, ask questions, and interact with each other while receiving support from Intentional Creativity Teachers and Guild members for the duration of the scheduled training.

Have more questions?

Reach out to us via email at support@musea.org