Learn to Lead Red Thread Circles with Shiloh Sophia

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What we say about the Red Thread...

Watch this video for greater context about the Red Thread as a symbol for connection and healing, and how we use it in our Intentional Creativity Community.

Red Thread Training Curriculum for the
Intentional Creativity Guide Certification

This training is for those women who desire to become a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide by learning to lead Circles through teachings shared in The Way of the Red Thread  (a book and manual written by Shiloh Sophia containing wisdom and resources related to the many legends and stories of Red Thread) and the Intentional Creativity approach of creating with mindfulness, a richer explanation is further described below.

Circles are simply gatherings with a group of people with a common theme of intention to transform through the use of curated Intentional Creativity methods and rituals. Circles enhance any personal and professional development program you may already have and fine-tunes your group facilitation skills by increasing your ability to create meaningful communication and connection among individuals and groups.

Red Thread Training prepares students to design, curate, and lead their own circles and rituals of any size. It will guide you through a personal journey of self-discovery, starting with your own sense of connection and belonging, then writing your own story of where you are from and the kinds of circles and experiences you are called to hold. The training concludes with The Heroine’s journey, in which you honor your commitment to yourself by completing your Certification requirements to become a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide.

Those who complete the required assignments for certification will be invited to join our Intentional Creativity Guild of over 400 graduates. At this time our community resides online, though we do plan to hold in person gatherings again in the future.

This training can be taken from anywhere in the world since the curriculum is delivered completely online, with user-friendly technology such as Zoom and our private iMusea App classroom. Continue exploring this page to get a full picture of what you will learn, do, and experience in this training.

In this training, you will learn how to …

  • Lead and call Red Thread Circles in person or online
  • Craft a call toward those you wish to gather within Circle and ceremony.
  • Discover a personal practice of altar-building and everyday ritual.
  • Source and create invocation poems and resources for opening a circle.
  • Learn the practice of creating sacred space.
  • Choose to live life as a path of service where both you and those you serve are blessedand inspired.
  • Shed connections to old systems and weave new ones by choice.
  • Bring the Intentional Creativity process into your circles with basic materials like paper and pens.
  • Become practiced at turning your ideas into circle themes.
  • Hone your authentic craft, your unique messaging, and offerings.
  • Work with the basics of energy in groups and how to work with changing dynamics.
  • Use the drum as a powerful tool in your circles and rituals.
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Intentional Creativity Painting in Action

Opening or Closing Blessing

Shiloh Sophia filming during the Ritual 13 Moons Painting Course

Each of our Certification Trainings involves a painting process. We will be working on one abstract expressionism painting that will represent your circles and your beloveds (circle attendees). This is about you expressing what's coming through internally onto the canvas and gaining greater access to your ideas. No painting skills or experience required. Here are some stillshots from the actual painting process you will receive.

What is Intentional Creativity?

Intentional Creativity® is to make with intention, mindfulness, and love, infusing our creations with awareness. Intentional Creativity® is rooted in a matriarchal lineage of women creatives that has been called an 'enduring influence' going back over 100 years of both family and teachers. It is a sacramental approach to creating in all mediums that can lead to transformational experiences, social justice, community connection, conscious, and subconscious awakening. Practicing Intentional Creativity® within a methodology invites each one of us to become the curators of our own consciousness.

Red Thread Training includes a variety of Intentional Creativity® processes you can use as-is or tailor to fit any Circle theme of your choosing. The best part, these Intentional Creativity® practices often lead to powerful transformational outcomes for those who experience them, amplifying the impact of your circles.

Here are some examples of Intentional Creativity® images from various pieces of training led by Shiloh Sophia to give you an idea of what we will create together!

Module and Schedule Overview

The Red Thread Training is delivered over 3 months

Module 1 Theme
I am Already Connected

Week 1: Called to the Red Thread

Week 2: Red Thread as Talisman

Week 3: Claiming Your Piece

Module 2 Theme
I am Called to
This Circle

Week 4: Fearless Belonging

Week 5: Red Thread of Empowerment

Week 6: Leading Red Thread Circles

Module 3 Theme
I am Responsible
for My Piece

Week 7: Circle Design and Preparation

Week 8: Sacred Technology

Week 9: Alchemical Bridge

Module 4 Theme
I am a Witness

Week 10: Vision Plan Book

Week 11: Self-Initiation

Week 12: Completions

Week 13: Heroine's Return

What will you do during the training?

Here are some highlights of what we will do in this training. Within the Red Thread Training curriculum, there are required assignments focused on the weekly themes that are connected to The Way of the Red Thread curriculum. All of which are designed for further self-discovery with the training goals and objectives taken into consideration.

Enjoy an Intentional Creativity® process from one of our cherished Intentional Creativity Teachers and faculty members, Dr. Havi Mandell on Naming, Claiming, and Expressing Essences connected to your Red Thread Circles

Learn a teaching for coming into Alignment and Showing Up in an Empowered way with Shiloh Sophia, Dr. Mary McCrystal and guest Intentional Creativity Teacher, Kerry Lee

  • Create blessing rituals for individuals, groups, and yourself. 
  • Create an abstract Intentional Creativity painting to hold the energy of your journey.
  • Design your own Self Initiation Ceremony - a rite of passage just for you. 
  • Create an 8-page Vision Plan Book around calling your circles through an Intentional Creativity process.  
  • Craft a call toward those you wish to gather within Circle and Ceremony.
  • Handpaint your drum and learn a basic drum song to include in your circle.
  • Work directly with a small peer group to practice.
  • Participate in twice-monthly online circle calls with Q&A and support from Intentional Creativity Guide Graduates.  
  • Connect with fellow students and graduates through our private online classroom via our iMusea app.
  • Students are invited to engage in small peer groups to practice leading Red Thread Circle. This offers a gentle entry point into Red Thread Circle leadership as well as a chance to receive supportive and insightful feedback that will bolster your confidence. Leading this circle with your peers is one of your required assignments for certification, along with a self-evaluation following the experience.
  • Once students complete the certification requirements students will have an opportunity to attend a virtual or in-person graduation ceremony at MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma CA.

Create an 8-page Red Thread Vision Plan Book to guide you in exploring who your beloveds are and the kinds of offerings you want to create. This is done with simple watercolor paper and acrylic paint. You can make one for each idea you have.

"Music is my medicine, my story of healing. My offering to you, on your own journey, to help you find your medicine within your own song, within your own rhythms." ~ Lavender Grace

Experience the Intuitive Drumsong teaching from one of Shiloh Sophia’s dearest friends and collaborators, Lavender Grace Cinnamon. With her powerful song and drum medicine, Lavender will lead you in song, show you how to play your frame drum, and guide you to connect with your true voice. For many women, the first time you hold a drum in your hands or hear your voice returning in your own ears from its resonant center, something visceral and powerful shifts within. It may feel like an ancient connection or a call home. Frame drumming is an ancient art of women and is powerful even in its simplest forms. You can consider using your frame drum (a.k.a. buffalo drum) in your circles to open, guide a journey, or close the container.

As part of your Red Thread Training, you will be encouraged to step into self-initiation practices.

When you say 'yes' to the Red Thread Training, you will enter into a three-month self-initiatory experience into empowered leadership. Something in you is desiring to shift, transform, and grow. As you begin to understand and work with The Way of the Red Thread, transformation is very likely to be experienced! Listening to the voice of your soul and stepping into aligned living and leading is a conscious choice - one that often requires us to be willing to honor our current story and gifts that have led us to this point, and begin to step over the threshold into the next place!

Self-initiation practices can help us to experience this honoring, threshold crossing, and integration that leads us to a new, more empowered place in our lives. We will be providing you with teachings about self-initiation as well as Intentional Creativity processes to support you in creating Self Initiation practices that are personal, intuitive, and meaningful to you.

Red Thread Training Graduate and Student Guide Ally Markotich
photo of her Red Thread Self-Initiation practice

Red Thread Training Materials

  • Medicine Basket
  • Drum – 2.5x14
  • Canvas 30×40 min. (larger if you want)
  • Watercolor Paper size 22×30 140lb.
  • Acrylic Paints - colors + black and white
  • Sharpies Dual Tip - 4 or 5 colors are best.
  • Spiral-bound 9x12 Mixed Media Journal
  • A few balls of Red Thread
  • Scissors or ceremonial knife/blade
  • Special shawl or scarf with RED
  • Bowl for Water
  • Yummy candle for the journey
  • Tea & Chocolate for your Muse
  • Moon Calendar for 2023

Red Thread Training Materials

  • Medicine Basket
  • Drum – 2.5x14
  • Canvas 30×40 min. (larger if you want)
  • Watercolor Paper size 22×30 140lb.
  • Acrylic Paints - colors + black and white
  • Sharpies Dual Tip - 4 or 5 colors are best.
  • Spiral-bound 9x12 Mixed Media Journal
  • A few balls of Red Thread
  • Scissors or ceremonial knife/blade
  • Special shawl or scarf with RED
  • Bowl for Water
  • Yummy candle for the journey
  • Tea & Chocolate for your Muse
  • Moon Calendar for 2023

What will you experience during the training?

Here is a peek into a few rituals that Red Thread Training students will experience in our journey. In the work of Intentional Creativity, we approach everything in a sacred manner. This approach leads to conscious relationships with ourselves and others. One of the ways we do that is through simple rituals, using the basic elements of earth, air, fire, water, and red thread combined with creativity and language. 

  • Arrival: Welcoming into the Red Thread Counsel and Intentional Creativity Circle.
  • Intention: Claiming your part in the circle and setting the course of your direction.
  • Connection: Setting up your altar as sacred space and connecting into the quantum field of our global circle.
  • Reclamation: Clearing out past systems/programs to invite expansive space for self, free of pre-existing default settings.
  • Integration: Claiming of the Circles, Ceremonies, and Conversations you are called to lead.
  • Celebration: Initiation as a carrier of the Red Thread.

The experience we intend for our students goes well beyond the mechanics or logistical knowledge and skills of how to gather and guide women in circle ceremonies. Many of our graduates share that each of our certification training programs brings about a personal transformation and an experience like none other.  You will be exposed to uncommon knowledge, yet is rooted in long-standing ancient traditions from our teachers and cultures around the world. We strive to build deeper more meaningful connections to the material and practices in support of catalyzing your choice of activism to change the world one gathering at a time.

Do you feel called?

Creating beauty and Ritual

Red Thread Training Gathering in 2019

Red Thread Ritual using the elements

What will you get in this training?

  • The core curriculum, created by Shiloh Sophia with additional teachings from the Intentional Creativity Guild is delivered via a private site that you'll have access to throughout the training to easily find assignments and an overview of what is needed to complete your certification. Content is delivered via Video, PDF, and Zoom in downloadable format for continued access.
  • Our team keeps you on pace with where we are in the training via a weekly email. You get to choose how to complete the assignments based on your own schedule. We suggest reserving 2-4 hours per week.
  • Students are encouraged to connect and share their process in our private classroom inside the iMusea App where there is support from Graduates of the Red Thread Training, as well as Intentional Creativity Teachers.
  • There are twice-monthly Zoom circles led by the Intentional Creativity Guild and Red Thread Training Graduates which are also recorded.
  • Students receive a digital PDF copy of The Way of the Red Thread manual and book by Shiloh Sophia. Over 400 pages of supportive teachings focused on our curriculum. You can also purchase a hard copy.

Additional connection with your Musea Membership: Being a Musea Member is required for all Certification Trainings offered at Musea. Members are a part of our active community who share a common vision of uplifting the voices and art of women around the world. You can learn more about membership here. The cost is $10/month for the Artist level and includes wonderful community benefits such as a monthly 'Artist Circle' where members come together for Intentional Creativity process and Red Thread Circle. There is also a monthly circle for Black, Indigenous, Women of Color members for culturally specific connection and support.

Once you’ve obtained your Intentional Creativity Circle Guide Certification, you will receive …

  • A Personalized Certification from Musea: Intentional Creativity® signed by our Founder, Shiloh Sophia.
  • A Red Thread Training digital graphic for websites and/or business cards.
  • An opportunity to add/update your professional listing on our Intentional Creativity Educator Directory.
  • Approval to promote your work to the greater community in the Red Thread Cafe Classroom to gain exposure and support.
  • An invitation to join the Intentional Creativity Guild, our community of over 400 Graduates from our core Intentional Creativity Certification Trainings.

Here is an example badge that you receive to add to your
website/offerings after you Graduate

At the conclusion of the Red Thread Training, you will be able to:

  • Effectively apply the symbols, legends, and rituals of the Red Thread
  • Embody a unique leadership style and language.
  • Creatively and confidently design circle ceremonies and custom rituals.
  • Incorporate Intentional Creativity process into any experience you create.
  • Curate transformational circle experiences as evidenced by feedback from your circle participants.
  • Confidently facilitate circles both in-person and online using technology.

Gathering for the Color of Woman training at the beach in Mendocino, California 2018