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You're Invited to Red Thread Training: Intentional Creativity Guide Certification

Join us for Certification Training to be empowered to guide, call and lead your own circles and experiences of transformation.

Become Certified as an Intentional Creativity® Guide in 2021

Learn to Lead Sacred Circles In-Person and Online using the power of The Red Thread and Intentional Creativity®

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June 1 - August 31, 2021

Apply now to prepare for your 3-month journey into the Way of the Red Thread.

Do you consider yourself a modern-day Healer?

Do others come to you in times of need for solace, guidance or understanding?

If you feel healed enough to gather others and lead powerful circles of connection, transformation and healing, this could be for you...

MUSEA Presents

Red Thread Training

Intentional Creativity Guide Certification

June 1 - August 31, 2021

Guided by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

and the Intentional Creativity Guild

Calling all Women Healers, Priestesses, Therapists, Coaches, Teachers, Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Bodyworkers, Corporate Changemakers, Speakers, Thought leaders & Practitioners of every kind to learn the power of the Red Thread and Intentional Creativity to bring depth, beauty, and creativity into their practices and body of work.

The Red Thread Training is an Intentional Creativity approach to guiding circles that was founded on the teachings from Shiloh Sophia's book and manual, The Way of the Red Thread about curating a culture of connection designed to empower women to become leaders and circle facilitators.

Facilitating Red Thread Circles has the power to achieve many things. Here are a few reasons you might call together a Red Thread Circle for your friends, family, students, clients, or patients. The possibilities are infinite – what is your calling to create?

  • To transform stories of trauma into tools for empowerment
  • To illuminate and reveal the hidden self within
  • To teach how to look inward for your own information
  • To gain access to a new way of working with PTSD
  • To integrate right and left brain for maximum access to thought
  • To inspire action through liberating stuck energy
  • To bring movement into the body and the field of space around the body
  • To Illuminate the gifts of the individual with image and language
  • To increase self-awareness and intuition
  • To create connection during times of isolation

Legends of the Red Thread encircle the globe. Carriers of the Red Thread are modern-day healers ready to bring their circles into form. Perhaps this is you?

A Message from Musea Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Dear Ones,

As our elders have told us, the time for each of us to be leaders has come. Those who are able must rise! Many of us have been called to call circles, begin conversations, initiate ceremonies, and guide the awakening of others.

We feel this call in our bones and a quickening of the fire in our hearts. Yet many of us were not raised in circles. Nor have we experienced rites of passage in such a way that we feel empowered to lead the ceremony for others. This may feel ‘new’ to us, yet it was a way of life for many of our ancestors. Women are starting to remember and reclaim the call to gather and serve that is woven into our DNA.

The Red Thread is a symbol used in many lands with many legends. Most are rooted in relationships woven with connection, protection, destiny, resiliency, love, and sacred responsibility.

The Red Thread was first introduced to me by my Native American Elder, Tonantzin Guerra-Rennick over twenty years ago. She gave it to me to give. I soon learned there were legends throughout the world connected to the red thread. She says "This is our original umbilical cord..."

The Red Thread Training (known previously as Red Thread Guide) is in its 3rd year. This year we have changed the name as we are adding a greater focus on the Intentional Creativity process that you can use in your circles along with The Red Thread. We are also adding an all-new painting process to support you as you go through the training! Upon completing the training you can become a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide and be a part of our growing network of Musea Educators who continue to network and collaborate in an ongoing graduate community.

Having just gone through one of the most challenging cycles in recent history now is the time that we women can truly rise up and serve our beloveds who need the medicine we have to offer. Many are seeking healing and connection due to having been isolated for so long and experiencing the tragedies happening in our world.

If you feel healed enough to call and guide others, I hope that you will consider joining us to study the mystery and power held within the legendary red thread and become Certified to lead and guide others on their path towards healing and wholeness.

With gratitude for our connection along the Red Thread,

Watch this video with Shiloh Sophia as she explains more about the Red Thread Training and the women it is for.

Will you become a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide?

You have your own piece of the red thread to weave into the greater fabric of creation. Here are examples of infinite kinds of circles and experiences that you can lead both online and in-person!

  • Birth Blessings 
  • Healing Circles 
  • Coming of Age Ceremonies 
  • Wedding Circles 
  • Moon Gatherings
  • Birthday Honoring Parties 
  • Corporate Team Building  
  • Daylong Story Workshops 
  • Celebration of Life 
  • Marriage Completions
  • Rites of Passage   
  • Circles with Men & Boys
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Trauma Recovery Circles
  • Intentional Creativity Sessions

Facilitate Revolutionary Conversations + Craft Your Message + Create the Future + Bring the Healing + Catalyze Transformation + Collaborate with amazing like-hearted women on a similar path as YOU!

Color of Woman students and graduates from Australia participating in Red Thread Circle that was also happening with Shiloh Sophia at MUSEA in Sonoma, California, and with students online. Using Livestream technology, we were weaving the Red Thread across the world!

During these times, you may ask yourself...

How can I be of service to others?

What can I offer that will bring me joy?

How do I bring my work online and make it sacred?

Can I see myself as a leader during these times?

We empower you to be healed enough so that you can call others into Circle.

Circles of all kinds, including virtual, are needed at this time and always will be.

Our certification training offers a media-rich curriculum, developed, and practiced for over 25 years with thousands of participants worldwide. This is your invitation to access the skills and tools you need to guide circles of transformation, both online and in person. Are you being called? Apply today!

A Red Thread Runs Through us by Artist and Intentional Creativity Teacher, Phyllis Taylor